ESD personnel anti-static detection and access control system

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This system is the detection management of personnel enters EPA (ESD protected area). The system combinated with identification, electrostatic testing base on classified authority, ESD test records, report management and electric locks or access gate. 


ESD tester supports to check personnel grounding of either wrist straps or footwear. The standard resistance and near failure resistance can be set from the color screen login. You also can connect to ESD controller and then set by the ESD management software.

PUA-310V1 series
RFID reader applicable with EM (125KHz ASK), H.C. (125KHz FSK), Mifare cards etc.

  • The ESD testing controller is designed with 7” LCD to display operating guide, name, department, card number, ID, date, time, communicating status, set high/low-end resistance and detected resistance.
  • Depends on different personnel, the system cab be configured with classified authority.(exempted, wrist band, conductive/anti-static shoes or comprehensive test)
  • Supports various identification such as RF card, fingerprint, face, palm vein, iris and barcode etc.
  • Standalone mode supports maximum 50000 users recoganization and event recording. 
  • Built-in TCP/IP convenient software management.
  • The ESD tester only detect once legal card presented to prevent any random operation, and the detection finish in 3 seconds.
  • Supplies alarm output once illegal card presented or continuous test fail via I/O relay output.
  • Web-based management software and SQL database. 
  • The management software supports variety of reports (sort by month, date, department, personal or all kinds of error) automatically or manually to specific e-mail address.
  • Anti-pass-back control.
  • Supports Short-term immunity function. For shorten detection time to access, the system canbe set for identification only without ESD test within a few hours after first detection passed. 
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