Dual Loop Detector PD-232-220VAC

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* Operating Voltage:AC220V
* Rated power: 4.5W
* Operating Frequency: 20KHz to 170KHz
* Reaction Time:2.5ms
* Operating Temperature:-30℃~+75℃
* Dimensions (Include Pedestal):78×40×108mm (L×W×H)
* Installation: DIN leadrail

  High temperature stability, used in kinds of environment

  Environment drifting compensate automatically

  Multilevel lightning protection

  With function of sensing loop malfunction automatically (disconnection or cutting-out)

  With RS-485 output function

  Shoot the picture when car rush the red light cooperating with automated snap picture system

  With function of shooting the picture when cars drive in reverse direction

 With function of detecting the speed of vehicle

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